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DEPENDS Adjustable Underwear
Product ID : KBC19183, KBC19184
Starting at: $85.00
DEPENDS Protective Underwear (Extra Absorbency)
Product ID : DEPENDS Protective Underwear
Starting at: $68.47
DEPENDS Protective Underwear (Super Absorbency)
Product ID : DEPENDS Super Underwear
Starting at: $78.00
DEPENDS Fitted Maximum Protection
Product ID : KBC19740, KBC 19317
Starting at: $88.00
DEPENDS Guards for Men
Product ID : KBC13792
Starting at: $50.00

Urinary and fecal incontinence often goes unreported and undiagnosed because those affected feel embarrassed and ashamed. Fearing a leak or public incident, many retreat from their family and friends and attempt to live in isolation. This simply is not necessary. Depends underwear are so comfortable and discrete, the only way anyone will know if you are wearing them is if you tell them. Depends adult diapers and protective products are designed to keep you enjoying your fulfilling, active life. Depends for women takes into account the unique structure and functions of the female body while Depends for men pays particular attention to form shape and design.

Depends underwear is available as pull on briefs or with adjustable side tabs. Both options give you a long lasting fit that moves with your body. The Depends for men line also includes ultra thin, cup shaped guards that can be easily inserted into cloth underwear and held in place with a convenient adhesive strip. Depends undergarments are easy to wear because they pull on like cloth underwear. Once on, the adjustable briefs can be re-adjusted using the side tabs while the latex free elastic of the non-adjustable style contains stretchable panels that contour to the body for the ultimate streamlined fit.

The levels of protection range from regular to super absorbency, but this does not mean you are stuck wearing a bulky padded and uncomfortable protection garment. All Depends diapers are lightweight and discrete. Your Depends underwear is easily hidden beneath skirts, pants, jeans, suits and even board shorts. Patented ABSORB-LOC® protection that locks fluid away from the body and neutralizes odour on contact replaces the need for countless layers of thick padding.

Depends diapers are as easy to dispose of as they are to wear. The adjustable tab briefs may be opened at the sides and the pull on briefs are simply slipped off like regular underwear. The ABSORB-LOC® protection keeps fluids locked into the product during removal. When in public, Ladies can place their Depends for women in the receptacle for pads and diapers while men can discretely dispose of their Depends for men in the washroom garbage. Some like to carry disposable plastic bags to wrap the used product in prior to disposal or for times when a garbage pail or receptacle is unavailable.

When you need incontinence protection you can rely on, reach for Depends adult diapers. With a full range of Depends undergarments that include Depends for women as well as Depends for men, you can be sure to find a comfortable, leak free, odour absorbing fit that is right for your body.

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