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TENA Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency
Product ID : TENA Protective Underwear
Starting at: $65.00
TENA Protective Underwear Plus
Product ID : TENA Protective Underwear Plu
Starting at: $59.11
TENA Specialty Brief
Product ID : TENA Specialty Brief
Starting at: $54.85
TENA Super Brief
Product ID : TENA Super Brief
Starting at: $53.61
TENA Ultra Brief
Product ID : TENA Ultra Brief
Starting at: $58.47
TENA® Classic Plus Briefs
Product ID : SCT67713, 67714, 67813, 67914
Starting at: $64.18
TENA® Youth Brief
Product ID : SCT61166
Starting at: $67.73

TENA has spent years tooling their products around the feedback received from the many happy customers that use TENA products to control incontinence. Combining customer feedback with years of industry knowledge and skill has allowed TENA to gain a firm stronghold in the niche market of incontinence merchandise. TENA diapers, TENA pads and TENA protective underwear are among the most sought after incontinence control products in America.

TENA diapers and TENA underwear are available in side closure, slip on or belted briefs. The style of TENA protective underwear you should choose will depend on your body shape, absorbency needs and personal comfort level. All TENA underwear is soft, discrete and easy to wear. The full briefs control both urinary and fecal incontinence while the belted style provides a light, non slip fit. Some TENA underwear products include a convenient attached tape for easy roll-up disposal.

TENA pads contain Dry Fast Core and OdaSorb. This advanced technology will keep your pad feeling dry and to keep acidic fluids from resting against your skin for prolonged periods of time.

Those with excess weight may wonder if TENA products are right for them. Nothing is worse than feeling your underwear pinching and binding throughout the day! TENA addresses this issue with discreet comfort features suitable for all body weights. These features include curved leg elastics, high rise body conforming shields or side gathers on select TENA pads, and TENA protective underwear available in extra small to extra large.

TENA products do not stop at TENA diapers, TENA pads and TENA protective underwear. Absorbent underpads for bedding, body washes and cleansing wipes are also available.

It is TENA’s mission to be the foremost supplier of incontinence products for those in need of support as well as those caring for loved ones or patients suffering from incontinence. TENA’s protection promise of absorbency, odour control and coverage is reflected in their wide range of products that are designed to address everything from light leaks to heavy flow. TENA’s commitment to customer care keeps clients coming back again and again to purchase TENA products that help them live an active, independent life.

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