Over the previous decade, the world all in all and Pakistan mainly have experienced a few regular cataclysms, whereby a large number of individuals have endured a boundless death toll.

Pakistan has experienced two noteworthy seismic tremors, a few surges and a dry spells that have left large populaces dislodged and crippled.

Furthermore, millions have needed to surrender their homes and means of livelihood because of fear-mongering that has cleared through the nation. These disasters have required the administration, global philanthropic associations, the Pakistan armed force and subjects of the country to cooperate to give some alleviation, reprieve, and restoration to the effects.


The Dawood Foundation, owned by bashir dawood, has helped in circulating alleviation products to the influenced populaces. Volunteers from the related organizations of the Dawood Hercules Group alongside understudies of the school have cooperated to get ready help bundles for their kindred nationals. The foundation concentrates on feeding the malnourished ladies and kids. One of the memorable moments where bashir dawood has intervened in Natural disasters is in the Thar Blaze

Recovery Of Thar Blaze Affectees

The Thar blaze consumed more than 250 houses into the fiery remains and left more than 175 families shelterless in a town called Udani in Tharparkar. A lot of properties were lost to the fire.

The Dawood Foundation and bashir dawood helped by assisting the affected citizens to reconstruct their lives. Designers worked day and night to remake the town for casualties of Udani fire by giving tents, nourishment, and clean drinking water.

The Dawood Foundation is still working on the recovery of the villagers to take them back to everyday life. Gifts are being gathered to help with building Chaura/one room, buy family unit stuff and financial assistance for everyday life.

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